Welcome to UsersFirst!

A Cloud and Mobile software development company formed in 2001 focused on user experience led by Pete Gordon and as a division of CritSys Managed IT and Cloud Computing Services in Columbus, Ohio.

Having developed Internet and "Cloud" software applications professionally since the mid '90s, Pete has worked with some of the smallest companies and some of the largest enterprises leveraging the Internet software revolution.

American Electric Power, fourthchannel, SPS Commerce, Resource Interactive, Wal-Mart, aircraftlogs.com, movepoint.com, State of Ohio (ODJFS), Government Consulting Resources, Hyperactive, Information Control Corporation (ICC), Sleep Care, patientsafetyinc.com, Practice Fusion, Franklin University, Dublin Innovation Group

Our first iPhone App is "The Words of Reagan".

Currently focused on the disruption the Internet and "Cloud" is bringing to Education and Health Care, Pete completed a Masters degree from Northwestern University in Medical Informatics and is designing and building the next generation of education learning management systems.

Feel free to reach out any time:
Pete Gordon
614-835-PETE (7383)